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Who do you turn to when you need a really good attorney?

James H Moss, client

Who do you turn to when you need a really good attorney? You have to find an ethical professional with the knowledge and experience to take control and resolve your unpleasant situation. How do you find that person?

I believe in the power of a good referral, and that is what I want to do here for you. Because I have seen him in action, and am truly impressed and grateful for his swift and thorough resolution of my legal predicament, I strongly recommend that you choose Mr. Daryl Williams to represent you when you go into a battle. Let him lead the way!

I needed help to defend myself in an aviation matter that alleged a maintenance malpractice which resulted in an accident with injuries. This is indeed a very serious charge.

Daryl Williams is an expert in the field of aviation, and he has an amazing depth of knowledge and experience in this area of law. He immediately sprang into action. He understood exactly what needed to be done. Throughout the process, he was very clear in communicating the expectations and goals for this case, and he kept me informed and updated on every step along the way. His strategy was a huge success! In the end, all charges were dismissed. My reputation and integrity were restored.

He made this whole mess go away!!

Daryl always made me feel like I was his most important client. He gave me hope when I was thinking that all would be lost. He knew he would win this for me, and HE DID!

Thank you, Mr. Daryl Williams, for taking my case and seeing it through to a very successful and satisfying conclusion!

James H Moss

I had the overwhelming advantage

Jill Gernetzke, client

I had the overwhelming advantage of being represented by the one of the most brilliant and successful litigators in the country, Daryl Williams, in a 4-day jury trial. As a woman business owner in a male-dominated field, I found myself as a defendant in a lawsuit that was a “Bet the company.” legal battle for my small company. Daryl saw the merits of the case immediately and devoted his firm to my case. Daryl and his team provided me with the very best legal representation, preparation and execution in the courtroom. His aeronautical and aviation expertise provided a distinct advantage and credibility in every facet of my case. I felt so assured in his legal care. Daryl Williams is masterful with his use of technology in the courtroom; which is the result of fastidious preparation and organization. I sat in a chair in his office until 10:30 in the evening after a full day in the courtroom, while he made the final preparation for his closing argument the following morning. His closing argument was delivered as a “virtuoso” – Engaging, gripping, emotional, educational, clear in its statement of the law and complete. I have suggested that law students would find great benefit in hearing this closing argument – truly a masterpiece. The jury ruled on the truth, delivering unanimous verdicts in my favor. Daryl Williams and his consummate passion for the law and the courtroom ensured that we “knocked it out of the ballpark” and won. I consider Daryl Williams and his team at Williams Commercial Law Group, LLP to be the best of the best and genuinely good people, whom I am also proud to call my friends.

What impressed me about Daryl Williams

Allison Gentry, client

What impressed me about Daryl Williams is about 50 things, but here’s a couple. He was honest and clear in communicating his expectations and goals of the case. He plays ‘bad cop’ so well. He enters the room like he’s in charge and making all the calls. It works. Although he would have happily allowed me to continue the law suit, he empowered me to make the best decision FOR ME.

This was a great experience. I would work with Daryl Williams over and over again. He truly wanted the best outcome for me and my family. I believe I was in the best and most capable legal hands, and that comfort I had was priceless.

There are times in life when everyone needs help

Justine Slaughter, client

There are times in life when everyone needs help. Going through a nine-year divorce and having to deal with fraud, theft, and unethical behavior, I needed an attorney in Arizona. I felt totally helpless, but Daryl Williams was a true blessing. Daryl Williams is a highly skilled, tough, and ethical professional. Not only did he care about my case, he always made me feel I was his most important client. His staff was reliable, organized, and responsive. He was always available by phone, text, or email. He kept me informed, educated, and updated on every step. I never had to wonder what was going on, and it was comforting to know that he had my back. This wonderful man bent over backwards to fly his own plane (he is a very experienced pilot) to find my plane and make sure it was safe. He took care of very everything, from finding a mechanic, transportation, and FAA paperwork. His aggressive representation, experience, and knowledge left me breathless, for he did not waste time getting things done and completed. His dedication and attention to this clients and vast understanding of the law was impressive and inspiring. Above all, he is a very kind and good man. I highly and enthusiastically endorse Daryl Williams. Once again, Daryl, I want to thank you with all my heart.

As a CEO of Databank USA for 30 years

Kent L. Phillips, client

As a CEO of Databank USA for 30 years, the most outstanding personal interfaces are with those individuals who dramatically exceed expectations. Daryl Williams is one of those individuals!!! Over a relatively small matter, Mr. Williams arrived and took control of an unpleasant situation, and resolved it in a professional and proactive manner. I think that we hire lawyers when we reach a frustration level with an issue that is not resolvable. As an attorney, Mr. Williams immediately took the time to understand the issue, identified the problem and the legal solution, and then executed. I could not ask for more.

My husband and I have known Mr. Daryl Williams

Don and Joanne Welz, client

My husband and I have known Mr. Daryl Williams for many years, Mr. Williams is a very honest and a professional attorney. One of the things that has impressed me is that if you don’t have a case, he will tell you up front, he will not waste your money or time. I have and will continue to recommend Mr. Williams to anyone that needs his service.

Daryl Williams is an outstanding trial lawyer

Bob Gottsfield, Judge (retired)

Daryl Williams is an outstanding trial lawyer. One of the first to use electronic devices in the courtroom. He [was] in front of me many times over my 34 years on the bench…. He is very professional and cooperative with court and counsel. Have never heard a negative word about him. He is actually a joy to have in trial because he is very well prepared and moves fast without wasting court time – but his success ratio is way up there.

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