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Daryl uses his custom technology (the Chron) and three-step battleplan to prepare for victory from day one… He is also known for taking on big entities, including the government and massive corporations. As a result, he is often engaged to take on the Goliath opponent. Feel free to view some of those cases by visiting our Case Results page. So, who is this attorney who makes winning look so easy?
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What sets Williams Commercial Law group apart? | Daryl Williams

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Could This Man Singlehandedly Save American Business Rights?​

Daryl Williams is on a mission to stop abusive government overreach and restore free enterprise to the American people. With a storied career, including winning the largest civil case in the state of Arizona’s history, and being responsible for restoring the rights of diabetics to fly planes in America, Williams is currently representing executives of Success By Health, a direct marketing company, known for their gourmet coffees and teas. He is working tirelessly to maintain the constitutional rights of all involved and is willing to stand up with a controversial case involving the Federal Trade Commission. 

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"He is actually a joy to have in trial because he is very well prepared and moves fast without wasting court time – but his success ratio is way up there."​​

“Daryl Williams is an outstanding trial lawyer. One of the first to use electronic devices in the courtroom. He [was] in front of me many times over my 34 years on the bench…. He is very professional and cooperative with court and counsel. Have never heard a negative word about him. He is actually a joy to have in trial because he is very well prepared and moves fast without wasting court time – but his success ratio is way up there.”​

Our Three Step Battleplan
To Defeat Your Opponent


Our Front-loading Tactic to Dominate Early

Imagine being ready for every eventuality, with every piece of evidence ready for visual display, as you walk into a deposition or the court room. You look your opponent in the eye, knowing that your lawyer’s mastery of the facts can lead them into traps and contradictions.

We do this by front-loading, a tactical and strategic approach that starts on day one. We cut through the noise, dispense with busy work, and master the facts and evidence with a singular focus on victory at trial. Like special forces commandos, we prepare for the kill early. We do not wait around to “see if it settles.” The irony is that our trial readiness often leads to favorable pre-trial settlements.

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”  Sun Tzu


The Rapid Outmaneuver Tactic

Most attorneys walk into the deposition or courtroom with boxes of documents, binders of the “important” exhibits, post-it notes, and other dinosaur era tools. We walk in with a laptop. On it is software that we use to tell our client’s story clearly and effectively, with real visual impact.

The software includes The Chron, our proprietary methodology that pinpoints—for immediate visual display–all of the times, dates, emails, conversations, and other items we need to rapidly outmaneuver your opponent. In seconds, we can answer any question. In seconds, we can show when your opponent is lying. We are the only attorneys in America with this custom programming. We know, because we built it.

Your opponent may fumble around while we quickly pull up the necessary evidence and outmaneuver them with a narrative that supports your case.


The Facts-At-Fingertips Tactic To Win Trust

We often demoralize the opposition before trial so that they give up and settle on our terms. However, when we get the incredible privilege to “wow” a jury at trial, we’re ready to pounce. This is where we truly shine.

We set out to win over the jury’s trust by mastering the facts and documents. Using our software, we can paint a simple and coherent visual story. The simpler it is to understand, the faster you can move and respond, and the more visual you make it, the more believable you are over your opponent.

Many have noted the difference between courtroom movie scenes–where things move quickly and the lawyer has the perfect evidence just in time to nail the liar—and real life, where the trial is slow and boring. “It is not like the movies,” they say. This is usually true . . . but not for us.

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Meet The Attorney Who Wins

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Daryl M. Williams

Daryl M. Williams

To your opponent, he is aggressive and relentless, while being erudite and a master tactician. He can tame even the biggest bullies in America. After making history by winning the biggest jury verdict in Arizona that year, he’s been one of the most respected attorneys in the West.​

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