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How to Win With Speed, Efficiency, and Technology

The Ultimate Guide To Winning Verdicts and Settlements By Moving Faster & Outmaneuvering Your Opponents

From Daryl’s interview for the Masters of Business Law series on ReelLawyers.com.

FACT #1: We win big verdicts and settlements (a lot of them). The proof is here.

FACT #2: Our clients love us so much they write about us all over the internet. The proof is here.

FACT #3: We have technology, that is unique to us, that helps us win cases (more on that below).

If you are someone who is looking to dominate your opponent in the deposition or the court room, then you’re probably wondering how we might do this for you?

It all comes down to deploying a 3-step process using technology that other attorneys do not have.

We understand that you may be in a hurry while reading this webpage. So here is the quick version of the process.

Step #1: Front-loading Strategy – This means we prepare to win at trial from day one, even if trial may not occur. That trial-readiness often leads to favorable settlements.

Step #2: Rapid Outmaneuver Strategy – We front-load the case to outmaneuver your opponent in depositions and pre-trial proceedings. We can set traps and damage your opponent’s credibility while preparing you to be a great witness.

Step #3: Jury Trust Strategy – If there is a trial, we build trust with the jury and the judge by having all of the facts and evidence at our fingertips and capable of immediate visual display. Well-earned jury trust is critical to victory.

From Daryl’s interview for the Masters of Business Law series on ReelLawyers.com.

The Only Law Firm In America With This Competitive Advantage

It is our secret weapon and the very foundation of our success.

From Daryl’s interview for the Masters of Business Law series on ReelLawyers.com.

The Chron is a proprietary methodology, based on custom programming, that acts as the control center for state-of-the-art trial presentation software. It contains every single document, text, email, and any other evidence. All of it is in chronological order and annotated (e.g., a highlighted sentence from an email) that can be displayed with a single keystroke or bar code reader. By pinpointing every piece of evidence—for immediate visual display—we make our client’s story clear and compelling and can make even polished CEOs on the other side seem bewildered and disorganized. Even the slightest mistake on their side is picked up and exploited with sniper like efficiency.

We use the Chron from day one of the case. It is quite useful in depositions, where, for example, we can walk opponents into pre-determined traps by letting them testify to things that we can immediately contradict with a single keystroke that brings up the devastating email. The videotaped excerpt of a lying opponent can be played later for the jury.

Whether at a deposition, a hearing, or trial, the experience is similar. Typically, the other attorneys walk in with boxes of documents and exhibits, binders and post-it-notes, while we walk in with a laptop. Other attorneys often fumble around looking for a specific document, while we put ours on the screen within seconds.

The goal at trial is simple: Being smooth, organized, and confident, while impressing the jury. Judges appreciate that approach because it is efficient with the court’s time. Even in cases with plenty of bad facts, this approach can win judgments.

We also use the Chron to demonstrate, while working the case, how our opponents are likely to lose at trial. That, in turn, can lead to favorable pre-trial settlements.

Consider the advantage of the Chron and our 3-step strategy when facing your next opponent. View some of the large settlements and verdicts we’ve won here.

From Daryl’s interview for the Masters of Business Law series on ReelLawyers.com.

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